CO-CREATION platform

How to develop an innovative eDrive concept in just 5 months?
How do you manage to break new ground in terms of development?
How do you bring together the best specialists?

Only through open exchange and comprehensive cooperation!

CONNACTIVE is a platform on which specialists from different industries and sectors create joint solutions for the mobility of the future.



In an increasingly interconnected and rapidly evolving world, the best innovations and thus the most sustainable solutions come from interdisciplinary cooperation. That’s why we created CONNACTIVE – a platform where specialists from different sectors and disciplines come together to find common solutions for the mobility of the future.

Creative. Innovative. Fast.

Speeds up

The first project of this extraordinary CO-CREATION is already pretty impressive, especially in terms of speed: In April 2019 the team started developing a new drive concept. After just five months the first prototype was ready, and this will be bench tested later this year under realistic conditions.

Performance through teamwork.


Modern materials and production processes enable a completely new design that offers more sustainability, efficiency and performance. Maximum performance with minimal installation space-resource-saving, fast and scalable in production.

Experience innovation


We are convinced that the greatest innovative potential of an electric traction motor lies in its interfaces and in the skillful assembly of different component and material innovations. Read here how CONNACTIVE, the new platform for the development of next-generation eDrive systems, developed new solutions for the mobility of the future with specialists from different sectors and disciplines.

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The heart of the ConnActive eDrive is a powerful radial flux motor with a power of 35 kW. Made of soft magnetic composite, it runs at high speed and a much higher switching frequency, with minimal eddy current losses.

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In addition, an axial flux motor is integrated into the overall system. It provides additional propulsion of 15 kW at high torque. Another advantage: it creates a redundant system that allows emergency operation, for example.

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The innovative production process allows a far higher degree of integration with a simple design. This means that the entire power electronics can be compactly housed inside the ConnActive eDrive.



The fixed gear unit of the eDrive is also made of innovative materials which display another of their powerful features here: the gears are made from a metal powder that sets new weight, costs and NVH standards while allowing more design freedom.



Thanks to low eddy current losses, the cooling of the ConnActive eDrive becomes significantly easier. A new circuit carrier that combines the advantages of AlN-DCB and PCB, MOSFETs with ultra low Rds(on) and an efficient cooling channel ensure an operating temperature that will always allow full power delivery.



Innovative materials and components make the eDrive more efficient, and therefore more sustainable, not only during production but also during operation. And what’s more: they open up new freedom for creative designs.


In the mobility sector, if you want to be optimally positioned for the future you need to develop sustainable solutions as quickly as possible. This applies not only to the manufacture of drive systems and their components, but also to their use on roads, rail, water or in the air.

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The eDrive stands for extra performance, because the soft magnetic composite (SMC, Höganäs Somaloy®) and the special properties of the material used allow it to operate at significantly higher frequencies and speeds. And by combining two types of motor, the system can be optimized for continuous performance, without sacrificing peak performance.


The two-motor concept of the eDrive is made possible, first and foremost, by the significantly freer design resulting from the new material. The use of powder means you are no longer limited to the two-dimensionality of a sheet metal punch and can go ahead and create three-dimensional designs. Components can be nested inside each other, which reduces the installation space.


At the same time, the alternative production method of eDrive increases cost efficiency.

And: the production time is noticeably shorter thanks to SMC technology, which means that the growing demand for solutions for the automotive sector can be operated faster and, above all, more safely.

Director R&D, MOTEG

Henning Brodersen

"If you want to implement new ideas, you have to go new ways. Future technology can only be realized with co-working concepts. And the future has already begun with us."

Mustafa Dinc Portrait

VP Automotive Business Development, Vishay

Mustafa Dinc

"We have succeeded in bringing together the most diverse specialists: material and component manufacturers, engine manufacturers and metrology professionals, as well as creative developers. A unique team!"

David Frank Portrait

CEO, CirQua

David Franck

"It was only through the combination of different disciplines in a project that the focus could be placed right from the first minute on what really matters: the overall system."

Dagmar Münch Portrait

CTO, Alvier Mechatronics

Dagmar Münch

"Special achievements do not come from what you develop yourself, but rather from what you do together with your partners and colleagues in the team."

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