The magic word is CO-CREATION, and here at Alvier it’s not simply a modern buzzword, but the heart of the concept itself. Because right from the start, creative minds and experienced specialists collaborate closely and exchange ideas so that together they can develop new and pre-eminently future-proof approaches to the electrification of vehicles. In this world, motor and component manufacturers work hand in hand with mechatronics engineers, instrumentation and control engineers, materials producers and software specialists.

Dontyne Gears

Co-creation is the future and will become increasingly important. During the intensive exchanges we had in this project we again witnessed the vital role played by gear systems in all vehicles …

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Co-creation brings a new dimension to our way of working and we expect that this will take us to the next level as well as speeding up market introductions …

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Co-creation bedeutet für uns, Teil eines starken Eco-Systems zu sein, neue Zukunftstrends noch schneller zu verstehen und gemeinsam mit anderen Experten zur Marktreife zu bringen – effizient und schnell.

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