CONNACTIVE partner: VISHAY Intertechnology, Inc

VISHAY was founded in 1962 by Dr. Felix Zandman and has its headquarters in Malvern (Pennsylvania), USA. Today VISHAY is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components, employing over 23,000 people at production locations in 22 countries. This US enterprise is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

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CONNACTIVE partner: Moteg

For many years, MOTEG GmbH has been one of the most successful German companies in the fields of electrical drive technology and eMobility. At its headquarters in Flensburg, the company designs, develops and produces innovative solutions - and brings them to market and series production readiness. 

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CONNACTIVE partner: Höganäs

Co-Creation brings a new dimension to our way of working and we expect that this will take us to the next level as well as speeding up market introductions.

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CONNACTIVE partner: Dontyne Gears

Dontyne Gears Ltd was founded by Dr. Michael Fish who, as co-founder of Dontyne Systems, has already successfully positioned himself in the market. Located in the northern English city of Newcastle, the company focuses on the prototyping and manufacture of modern gear solutions.

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Director Automotive Business Unit

Uwe Rahn

“Today, technical and logistical challenges are too difficult to be won on ones own. This is why we believe in long term partnerships with our customers and our suppliers. We cultivate these relationships in professional networks like CONNACTIVE or our own Automotive Executive Community.”


Rutronik's Automotive Business Unit (ABU) focuses on strategic issues in the vertical market segment of automotive electronics. ABU supports its customers in managing change in this market, thus enabling a win-win situation for the benefit of all parties involved. A key role is played by the focus on modern and economical concepts for the mobility of tomorrow. 
The Automotive business unit (ABU) has a unique position as an intermediary between manufacturers of electronic components and customers. Our suppliers include Vishay, Infineon, ROHM, Diodes Inc. and many more. Decision-makers from Tier-1, Tier-2, component manufacturers and service providers - whether from the engineering or manufacturing sector - value partners to jointly set impulses. 

Managing Director, Koepfer Engineering Gmbh

Hubert Kaltenbrunner

“Equipped with state-of-the-art calculation tools and many years of experience in the development of high-precision gear components, KOEPFER Engineering GmbH finds solutions for the special challenges of efficiency and NVH restraint in the field of e-mobility.”


KOEPFER is a leading manufacturer of low-noise gears and gearboxes. We specialize in the development and production of high-precision gear components in the field of drive technology. 

CEO Pre-Switch, inc.

Bruce T. Renouard

“The leaders at CONNACTIVE understand the system level efficiency benefits of using Pre-Switch’s AI to switch e-mobility inverters at 100kHz. Our strengths of increasing drivetrain efficiency, shrinking system size/weight and supporting an unconventionally high RPM motor is paramount to the success of this new project. CONNACTIVE’S goal to channel collaboration efforts from pioneering companies will undoubtedly accelerate e-mobility and breakthrough industry barriers based on status quo. We look forward to working with their other industry leaders to firmly deliver on what is possible.”

Pre-Switch, Inc.:  Extending EV range  

Pre-Switch technology revolutionizes the e-mobility drivetrain by making the inverter AND motor more efficient. Pre-Switch uses AI to virtually eliminate transistor switching losses that have kept inverter switching frequencies low (10-15kHz) and result in a highly distorted sine wave to the motor. Pre-Switch enabled inverters run at 100kHz, shrinking size and weigh while yield an ultra-low distortion CleanWaveTM output that reduces motor losses adding up to 12% more EV range. 

Director of Global Business Development - Customization Technologies, Höganäs

Deniz Yigit

“It’s essential for electrical engines to become more powerful and efficient to allow electric vehicles to fulfil their vast potential, and this can be done by using AM-enabled technology and dedicated material solutions that take technology to the next level. Höganäs AB (CT) and Alvier Mechatronics have joined the CONNACTIVE project, which is dedicated to achieving high speed, high frequency and power density eDrive solutions. This cross-company collaboration will leverage the different areas of expertise of each member, and the results will drive the evolution of the modern electric engines.”

Höganäs AB: Customization Technologies (CT) 

Höganäs AB is the world leading manufacturer of metal powders for powder metallurgy, inspiring industry to make more with less. Höganäs product area CT focuses on Additive Manufacturing, Hot Isostatic Pressing and Metal Injection Moulding as well as covering high quality ceramic powders - facilitating material solutions and manufacturing technology that takes industries to the next level.

Vice President Business Development Automotive

Mustafa Dinc

"With the Eco partners VISHAY takes part in the developments from the initial stages during the concept phase and offers cost- and performance-optimized solutions."


VISHAY's product and R&D portfolio includes passive and active electronic components. For the automotive segment, VISHAY has always got some new product developments to support electrification and ADAS applications with innovative products. Some of the focus applications cover BMS, On Board Charger (OBC), Inverter (Traction), 48V BLDC applications, ADAS Power Management.

CEO and founder of Foxy Power

Christopher Rocneanu

“The key challenges in power electronics are improving efficiency, reducing losses, and dissipating heat. Foxy Power has a set of technology which can be potentially combined to tackle those challenges and letting each technology work to its best potential to improve the overall system is key to us, Alvier Mechatronics and its partners.”


Foxy Power is a Berlin, Germany based company that brings disruptive power electronics technologies faster and more efficient into the market. Foxy Power differentiates itself from distributors and classic representatives with the concept of Product Value Maximization. With the concept of Product Value Maximization, we ensure that we identify the Unique Selling Proposition of the product.

CEO and founder of IQ evolution GmbH

Dr. Thomas Ebert

„Especially in EV and Aviation applications light weight as well as small dimensions and volume are key to increase battery range and reduce overall system cost. By using stainless steel powder, we can reduce wall thicknesses to 150µm which is significant for the thermal performance of our microcoolers. This project will give all partners the opportunity to bring in their expertise while the collaboration targets to get the best total system.”

IQ Evolution GmbH: The 3D-Cooling Company

IQ evolution specializes in small, ultra-light weight coolers in all shapes and forms. The product portfolio ranges from the development of prototypes to the series production of tailor-made components.

CTO, Alvier Mechatronics

Dagmar Münch

„I like the energy that is released when all experts want the best. I really appreciate to see what is possible, when the whole partner network works together.”


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