In 2019 we developed our innovative CONNACTIVE eDrive, which has already set new standards in electric mobility.

Now we’re taking our development work one step further: with a revolutionary planetary gearset that assumes the function of a power split device and perfectly connects the CONNACTIVE eDrive, conventional combustion engines and the all-new RX II.

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Discover the innovative powersplit transmission and the compact RX II in our new film.


The new planetary gearset is produced from metal powder. Here too, the advantages of the material and the manufacturing process come into their own:

The special pressing process enables a new geometry that is particularly gentle on the teeth and distributes the arising forces in a far superior way. In combination with highly compacted ring gears, wear is minimized while flexibility is significantly increased.


Another advantage: the unique geometry of the gear wheels means that the planetary gearset runs far more gently and produces noticeably less noise.

The result: significantly improved NVH values and a vehicle that glides along even more quietly.


Coupled to the planetary gearset is the new RX II electric unit, which outperforms the radial flux motor of the existing CONNACTIVE eDrive in several respects.

This means that the electric motor is now connected directly to the overall system via the individual coils instead of via busbars - for greater efficiency with less material usage. And it has an innovative and above all effective cooling system.


But the most impressive feature of the new RX II is its compact design and the resulting dimensions and weights. With an axial length of just 70 mm, a diameter of 280 mm and significantly reduced weight, it requires minimal installation space – and still delivers up to 35 kW at speeds above 18.000 rpm.


The compact design of the new RX II, the innovative coil winding and the efficient SMC process ensure that considerably less material has to be used for both the new radial flux motor and the planetary gearset. This keeps costs low and conserves resources at the same time. A positive contribution to a material-efficient circular economy.

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Perfectly transferred by a modern planetary gearset, the interaction of the new RX II, our Dual Drive and a conventional combustion engine results in powerful propulsion, with modest fuel consumption and low emissions.

In other words: with CONNACTIVE, the mobility of the future has come another step closer.

Application Development Manager
Höganäs AB

Dr. Anders Flodin

"System integrated state of the art powder metal design opens up new techno-commercial possibilities for automotive drive trains. Whether as drive line parts or as soft magnetic composite in the E-machine; as a system this innovative material enables tomorrow's mobility to be engineered and built today."