Minimal weight for size: axial flux motors offer advantages when used in the drives of electric vehicles. Because they provide high torque at low rpm and require only minimal installation space. That’s why CONNACTIVE combines them with a classic RX unit – for optimum performance in situations where the eDrive needs to work harder.

Where the additional propulsion isn’t required, the AX motor can assume other functions. And: by combining two drive units, a redundant system is created which can provide emergency back-up operation in case of technical problems, for example.


The innovative high-torque axial flux motor sits deep inside the eDrive, encompassed by the radial flux motor. Even when operated independently, the 24/20-design unit unleashes enormous power with an output of 15kW and 9000 rpm.

Thanks to its compact design with an outer diameter of 144 mm and an axial length of 28 mm, it is still easily positioned inside the system and requires only minimal installation space.


In situations requiring plenty of thrust, when overtaking, for example, the axial flux motor provides optimal acceleration. At the same time it guarantees the best possible elasticity of the system across the entire speed range - in all driving situations.

Not only does the combination of two motors produce a particularly high-performance drive, in case of malfunctions the redundant system can also run in individual emergency mode, thus increasing operational safety.


Apart from the classic advantages of an axial flux motor, the strength of the CONNACTIVE version lies first and foremost in its material: the soft magnetic composite from which it is made increases the torque density and ensures particularly smooth running characteristics.

In addition, there is significantly more design freedom and this is equally true for all the other components, allowing new concepts for positioning and installation.


It’s not only in the areas of power and running characteristics that soft magnetic composite can leverage its strengths – metal powder also simplifies production processes and saves on material and thus on costs as well. The stator of the AX motor, for example, is pressed all in one piece in its entire geometry – with no waste – and is ready for use after only a short bake-out period. The pre-wound coils are simply slid on.

Needless to say, the rotor with back-core is also made of SMC and can be fitted with magnets immediately after pressing.


In conventional production the construction of the axial flux motor is relatively complex. In the CONNACTIVE eDrive it is easily implemented via the shaft system and the heat sink that regulates the stator temperature. The result: simple handling with maximum process reliability.

Interview with Dontyne

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