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Whilst most R&D departments in the e-mobility sector try to develop in-house solutions with little success, we are taking a new approach:

specialists from different industries and sectors cooperate to develop innovative solutions which move the industry forward. By pooling their expertise and ideas they can create innovative and future-proof eDrive systems.

Boosting performance 50kW


The first results - which the team presented after only a few short months – are truly astonishing: with the prototype eDrive they’ve succeeded in minimizing the installation space, whilst almost doubling performance. In the space normally required by a conventional 20 kW e-motor it’s now possible to house a drive offering an impressive overall performance of 50 kW.

Here a radial flux motor with an output of 35 kW is combined with an additional axial flux motor providing an extra 15 kW of power. Both operate at high frequencies, but with minimal power losses.


The combination of radial and axial flux motors creates a redundant overall system offering several advantages:

a high-torque axial flux motor and a high-speed radial flux motor guarantee dynamic drivability across the whole range. In addition, at lower speeds the axial flux motor can also be used as an auxiliary drive for systems such as the air-conditioning cycle. What’s more: if a motor should ever fail, the other will guarantee emergency back up operation.


The system’s compact structure and minimal energy losses are only possible thanks to the use of a special raw material: instead of punching the parts for the different system components from sheet metal they are manufactured from Soft Magnetic Composite (SMC). This means that none of the raw material is wasted and it can thus be used more sustainably.

It also offers far greater geometric design freedom, because without the two-dimensional restrictions of a conventional punching machine, three-dimensional design is no problem. The results are significantly higher integrability, but with a comparatively simple design.



Not only does the compact design allow the integration of two drives, it also accommodates the eDrive’s other components within the system. Besides saving valuable space, this also opens up new technological possibilities. The entire power electronics – including the control unit – are part of the system. This makes it possible, for example, to measure both the motor voltage and the phase current directly in the motor itself.

David Frank Portrait

Dr.-Ing. CEO CirQua GmbH

David Franck

“Only with the help of a CO-CREATION platform is it possible to develop complex projects such as innovative eDrive systems. Right from the start we shared all our expertise and worked together efficiently, hand in hand. I’m thrilled to be part of this team!”